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While many people continue to associate Vietnam with memories of war, your holiday in Vietnam will erase all such thoughts and you will experience the entrancing natural beauty with which the country is endowed. From beautiful islands to picturesque beaches, undulating mountains to lush rainforests, Vietnam has exceptional and diverse geography. But perhaps the most endearing part of Vietnam is its affable and smiling people. All this makes Vietnam a popular tourist destination.
What makes a trip to Vietnam worthwhile is the genuine warmth and the sincere hospitality of the Vietnamese people, something the rest of the world can only emulate.

Sapa trekking guide, Lao Cai Vietnam

Vietnam boasts some of the most incredible mountain trekking available. Sapa, an old French hill station in northwest Vietnam, is close to the Chinese border and serves as the gateway to the stunning scenery of the Hoang Lien Mountains (also known as the Tonkinese Alps). Situated in the Lao Cai province, Sapa is also one of the main market towns in the area. The Lao Cai province is home to the highest mountain in Indochina, the Fan Si Pan (or Fansipan). The mountain is 3,143 metres high and is dubbed "the Roof of Indochina".


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