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Ta van Community House

Daily activity in Tavan community house        Cuong Huong offers a truly very unique volunteer program and is regarded as the most beautiful province in Vietnam. Sapa is an incredibly picturesque village that lies 1,600m above sea level on the Hoang Lien Son mountain range near the Chinese border in North West Vietnam. It is known locally as "the Tonkinese Alps". The highest peak in Vietnam at 3,143m is Mount Fanispan a popular trekking destination for tourists and locals alike.

Sapa (population 41,000) is home to a wealth of colourful, diverse hill tribes, who have steadfastly resisted integration into Vietnamese society and modern life. In fact, the hill tribes, including the Hmong, Dao (Dzao), Tay, Day (Dzay) and Xa Pho, comprise the majority of inhabitants in the area, outnumbering the Vietnamese (Kinh) who prefer the warmer low lands. 

The ethnic minority tribes are all rice and corn farmers but with the advent of tourism in the area this has provided another avenue of income for the families. Unfortunately the majority of families are all very poor and the meagre crops that they produce only manage to barely sustain the families, some of which are very large. While tourism can be seen to have its advantages it also means that the children are taken out of school to try and sell handicrafts to tourists and also to act as tour guides. Some children will walk up to 10 kilometres each day from their villages to Sapa to try and earn money, while others will sleep where they can in the town.

Tavan Community, Tavan Communities, is trying to do something about the lack of education and other living skills in Sapa community. Tavan Community has raised money from tourists to purchase blankets, clothing, books and other items for the children in her village, and also raised enough money to apply concrete to the local schoolyard. Tavan community House will beyour host in Sapa and you will be accommodated in Tavan house, the first in Tavan village. During your time you will teach English to the local village children and assist in community activities that will be identified by Tavan Community house, these activities will depend upon the needs of the children and elders in village during the time of your stay.

The primary highlight of your time in Sapa should be the time spent in the afternoons and the evening teaching and sharing with the children, but Sapa has so much to offer. You may go trekking in the mountains, walk through wonderful valleys, see glorious waterfalls, or just delight in the Sapa town itself and the wonderful people that inhabit the region.

At night you will go to sleep under a blanket of stars, nestled in the cradle of the magnificent mountains, listening only to the water flowing in the nearby stream and the sound of crickets chirping. During your daylight hours you will participate in truly meaningful activities for the local community and also have enough time to go and experience the delights of this wonderful place.
The faces and smiles of the children you encounter will not only be recorded in photo's but also in your mind for a long, long time. The work you will do will not be seen to have any immediate benefit, but know that it is important work that will in small or possibly larger manner in the near future contribute to the wellbeing of those that you connect with.
The primary qualifications required for this volunteer position is have a truly compassion heart for those that are less fortunate, and to possess a giving and receiving nature. Cultural exchange is a two way street so the volunteer should be prepared to receive

learning as well as the teaching and giving of themselves. The volunteer should have a solid understanding of the English language and should be able to transfer that knowledge in a professional yet fun loving manner. You will be living among the Hmong tribal people in a homestay at the local village so the volunteer should also be understanding of the Cultural and physical differences they will be exposed to. Throughout the region there is so much beauty, yet so much poverty, please do not come unaware, this is not an experience that will be easily forgotten, for both features, but one that will live long in the memory for the kindnessa and generosity of the people you will encounter.



  • Experience Required      

  *  Volunteer Types                                    ·     

                     *  Environmen                                                                                   *  Food

                     • Arts                                                                                                   * Grassroots Organization

                     • Childcare/children      ·                                                                 *  Health Education

                     • Community Development         ·                                                 *  Home Visit                   
                      • Community Health      ·                                                                *  Indigenous Issues

                      • Conservation   ·                                                                             *  Minority Groups

                       • Cooking                                                                                          *  Peace

                       • Culture                                                                                            *  Street Kids

                       • Eco-tourism              ·                                                                    *  Teaching

                       • Education    ·                                                                                  *  Tree Planting

                       • Elderly             ·                                                                               *  Tutor

                       • English Teaching                    ·                                                    *  Volunteering

                       *  Youth                                                                                              *· Development

• Typical Volunteer

There is no typical volunteer at VIVPS they can range in age from 18 to 80, be of any sex or religious persuasion. Typical volunteers to Vietnam though on average would be young University students on a gap year or young people in general travelling throughout the world and using Vietnam as a stopover.
• Age Range
18 years or above
• This Program is open to
Worldwide Participants. This Program is also open to Families, Couples and Individuals.
• Typical Living Arrangements
• Home-stays
• Participants Travel
• Typically Participants Work
Independently or in Groups of can vary
• Application Process Involves
• Letters of Reference
• Online Application plus Application Assessment
• Typically The Application Process Time is
24 Hours
• Post Services Include
• Exit Debriefing Abroad



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