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Conquering Fansipan 3 DAY 2 NIGHT (WELL KIND OF TOUR), (FAN05)

Vietnam's highest mountain and also the highest in Indochina, Fansipan (3.143m) in the Hoang Lien Son range, Sapa town about 10km from Lao Cai.
Only a few years ago wanted to conquer it is still very difficult, now has become much simpler, because we have a team of experienced and professional organization tuor help you conquer Fansipan peak.
 The natural scenery is spectacular, so many streams in the forest that lines the cool clear water flowing over rocks heaving can relieve the burning pain when climbing, many old forests with trees strange shaped test, the bamboo forest, bamboo forest intact natural wild character is romantic in the mist clear. End of day one leg climbing a stop at a small shack on the flat land around the forest beside a murmuring creeks year round.



Day 01: Lao Cai - Sapa Fansipan conquer
Day 02: Sapa
Day 03: Sapa - Lao Cai - Hanoi
Day 01: Lao Cai - Sapa conquer Fanxipan

    Pick up at Lao Cai Station to the hotel:
Sunny Mountain Hotel (to the standard 3 stars)
White Lotus Hotel (to the standard 3 stars)
After breakfast: 9:30 am Pick you up to Tram Ton - Nature of the Hoang Lien Mountains at an altitude of 1.800m compared to sea level.
 You start in the bamboo forest to conquer Fansipan. Lunch along the way (Picnic Luch). Proceed. 17.00 camping, fires, dinner and overnight in tents at an altitude of 2200m.

Day 02: Fanxipan

    6:30 am: After breakfast, continue to conquer the peak Fanxipan (3143m).
 10h: 30 You are on top Fanxipan souvenir photograph and celebration. Then you return to the height of 2,800 m for lunch.
    Afternoon: Visit the trail down the mountain, dinner and overnight at a height of 2200 meters.

Day 03: Sapa - Lao Cai - Hanoi

    After breakfast, return to Sapa Sin Chai route.
 Pick up car at Sin brush your guests to Sapa at 13h00, lunch break in Sapa. 18h00 car to Lao Cai railway station.dinner. HDV customers off the train to Hanoi, ending journey.

 Services include:

- Cars travel newer shuttle program
- The meal program.
 Formal Dining 80.000, food additives: 30,000
- Tickets to tourist sites, environmental hygiene.
- Travel insurance maximum 70.000.000d / 01 case
- Experienced guides take the program
- The carrier itineraries map: 02 pax / 01 Poster
- Sleeping bags, mattresses to sleep on the mountain, drinking water daily.
- First aid supplies, medicines, radio contact.
- Electric lighting
- Room deposit, bathroom at the hotel.
- Free foot massage in Sapa.
- Certificate conquered Fansipan

Services not included:

 - Personal expenses outside the program, drinks, tip for HDV, Poster and driving.

* You should carry items while climbing
- Rain coat, coats, sweaters, sleepwear, hiking shoes, all 02 pairs.
- Flashlight, lighters, some candies with high nutrient content.
- Cameras, camcorders.


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